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How Privacy and Disinformation Are Related (

Dispatches from Editor-in-Chief Julia Angwin

‘60 Minutes’ ran an episode about algorithm bias. Only White experts were given airtime. by Julianne McShane (

The episode renewed calls to #CiteBlackWomen, many of whom have been leading research on AI bias.

The GDPR, Privacy and Monopoly by Cory Doctorow (

In Privacy Without Monopoly: Data Protection and Interoperability, we took a thorough look at the privacy implications of various kinds of interoperability. We examined the potential privacy risks of interoperability mandates, such as those contemplated by 2020’s ACCESS Act (USA), the Digital...

GDPR: Three years in, and its future and success are still up in the air - European Digital Rights (EDRi) (

The EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is not living up to the hype. When first implemented in 2018, the GDPR was presented as the new world standard for privacy and data protection. The law has increased data protection awareness and led to significant legal changes all over the world. …

NHS Digital boss: Why our delayed patient data sharing plan must go on by Simon Bolton (

Simon Bolton, interim chief executive of NHS Digital, explains why its controversial new GP data sharing scheme is the right thing to do, and why it has now been delayed by two months.

Privacy Workshop Series: Part I - What the Internet Knows about Us (

In this session, AJ Rice will provide a broad overview of what the internet knows about us, how companies and governments track us, and why they track us. The session will cover what data specific companies and industries collect about us, how they obtain the data with or without our knowledge, and …

In Leak Investigation, Tech Giants Are Caught Between Courts and Customers by By (

Apple, Google and Microsoft have been plunged into a political firestorm as they have contended with law enforcement requests to hand over information.

Director, Privacy & Data Project (

The Center for Democracy & Technology is seeking an experienced advocate to lead CDT’s project on consumer privacy and data. The Director, Privacy & Data Project will lead a growing team of 5+ counsels focused on changing the law and business practices to protect consumers’ and workers’ privacy, pre…

Inside Nigeria’s decision to ban Twitter by Abubakar Idris (

The last week has been a rollercoaster at the highest levels of the Nigerian government, as key figures grapple internally with a brazen attempt by some senior officials to enforce control of social…

Mozilla Says Google’s New Ad Tech—FLoC—Doesn’t Protect User Privacy by Ravie Lakshmanan (

The Mozilla Foundation says Google’s new ad tech, FLoC, does not protect user privacy.

Apple’s new ‘private relay’ feature will not be available in China by Stephen Nellis,Paresh Dave (

Apple Inc (AAPL.O) on Monday said a new “private relay” feature designed to obscure a user’s web browsing behavior from internet service providers and advertisers will not be available in China for regulatory reasons.

The global impacts of Section 230 reform by Erica Hellerstein (

The landmark U.S. internet law, Section 230, shields social media companies like Facebook and Twitter from legal liability for the content its users post. Now, as U.S. politicians on both sides of the aisle threaten to change it, experts worry about the international impact on digital speech

Here’s an Idea for Liberals: Propaganda by Alex Pareene (

After every election, Democrats seem to talk about how they failed to craft a clear message. So how about bombarding people with a new kind of campaign ad?

These creepy fake humans herald a new age in AI by Karen Hao (

Need more data for deep learning? Synthetic data companies will make it for you.

Shoshana Zuboff Explains Why You Should Care About Privacy by By (

In a wide-ranging interview, the author of “The Age of Surveillance Capitalism” talks about why people should pay attention to how big tech companies are using their information.

How the $68 Billion Border Surveillance Industrial Complex Affects Us All by Matthew Cassel, Andy Hayward (

We can’t always see the Border and Surveillance Industry – but it can often see us. And we’re probably paying for it too.

‘60 Minutes’ ran an episode about algorithm bias. Only White experts were given airtime. by Julianne McShane (

The episode renewed calls to #CiteBlackWomen, many of whom have been leading research on AI bias.

Episode 4: Data & Infrastructure by Featuring: Laura Forlano & Ranjit Singh (

Whose values get embedded into the algorithms that increasingly govern our lives? How are these data infrastructures complicating what it means to be human?

GLAAD - Social Media Safety Index (

GLAAD’s Social Media Safety Index (SMSI) marks the first-ever baseline evaluation of the LGBTQ user safety experience across the social media landscape.

Subscribe to read by Valerie Hopkins (

News, analysis and comment from the Financial Times, the worldʼs leading global business publication

Some Perspective on the Politicized Leak Investigation Targeting Adam Schiff by emptywheel (

Now that Adam Schiff has learned that “it’s just metadata” doesn’t rule about abuse of surveillance powers, maybe we can have a broader discussion about how the government uses metadata?

Race After Technology by Home (

Race After Technology (Polity) cuts through tech-industry hype to understand how emerging technologies can reinforce white supremacy and deepen social inequity. Benjamin argues that automation has the potential to hide, speed, and even deepen discrimination, while appearing neutral and even benevole

What ever happened to Sheryl Sandberg? by Sarah Todd (

The Facebook executive, still Silicon Valley’s most powerful woman, has a lower profile that raises questions about her future.

Revealed: rightwing firm posed as leftist group on Facebook to divide Democrats by Julia Carrie Wong (

FEC investigation failed to uncover link to Rally Forge, a firm with close ties to Turning Point USA

Alex Jones claims he paid for rally that preceded Capitol riot by Kara Carlson (

Austin-based conspiracy theorist Alex Jones is claiming his company paid for the rally that preceded the riots at the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6.

Two people test positive for COVID-19 on first post-pandemic cruise from North America by Tiffany Hudson (

Two people on the first cruise setting sail from North America since the pandemic tested positive for COVID-19 at the end of the cruise.