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Pasco Sheriff’s Office letter targets residents for ‘increased accountability’ by Tampa Publishing Company (

Critics of the agency’s intelligence programs called the letter ‘patronizing’ and ‘offensive,’ and raised continued concerns about civil rights

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State surveillance of citizens reaches far beyond Pegasus by Tony Roberts (

The Pegasus spyware story is just the tip of the iceberg. Beyond the software developed by the Israeli surveillance firm NSO Group, there is a multi-million-pound global market in which companies compete to profit from helping states to illegally spy on their own citizens. Rightly there has been sho…

President Duterte’s final State of the Nation Address | SONA 2021 Special Coverage (

President Rodrigo Duterte is delivering his sixth and final State of the Nation Address (SONA) on Monday, July 26, at the Batasang Pambansa.The livestream in...

Silicon Valley Pretends That Algorithmic Bias Is Accidental. It’s Not. by Amber M. Hamilton (

Tech companies have financial and social incentives to create discriminatory products.

Australian Search Experience project (

The Australian Search Experience project is asking for your help. You can install the ADM+S Centre data donation browser plugin, to help Australian researchers investigate how search engines shape our search experience. Join this citizen science project at

The Sunday Show: Surveillance and the Future of Tech by Justin Hendrix (

NSO Group & the rise of the global surveillance industry; a panel on Chinese tech in the world hosted by the Atlantic Council’s DFRLab.

EDRis interactive Annual Report: A year in review of the digital rights field - European Digital Rights (EDRi) (

Despite a challenging year, the European Digital Rights network has been relentlessly working to advocate for better digital policies, challenge creepy surveillance, inform and mobilise people across Europe. Read more about the need of digital rights and our impact in 2020 in our newly launched inte…

How the Internet Really Works by ARTICLE 19 (

How the Internet Really Works is a fun guide to understanding – and navigating – the online world, teaching you the tech, your rights, and why cats rule supreme.

The Spyware Threat to Journalists by Condé Nast (

In this gathering age of digital autocracy, it is hard to avoid the impression that the dictators are winning.

Twenty years of War on Terror: The human and political costs of an unending war. Mansoor Adayfi in conversation with Francesca Recchia by Crowdcast, Inc. (

Register now for The Polis Project’s event on Crowdcast, scheduled to go live on Monday July 26, 2021 at 8:00 pm IST.

The Polis Project is creating conversations & podcasts that amplify voices of dissent (

Become a patron of The Polis Project today: Get access to exclusive content and experiences on the world’s largest membership platform for artists and creators.

Opening of Senate of the Philippines ahead of SONA 2021 (

Rappler streams live the joint opening of the third regular session of the 18th Congress at the Senate of the Philippines on Monday, July 26, 2021, at 10 am....

Lauren got TikTok for a laugh. The app would change the direction of her life (

Beyond the dances and skits there’s a darker side to TikTok. The app’s algorithm is exposing users to dangerous content while controlling which people and political movements get attention.

The Personalization Privacy Paradox cartoon| Tom Fishburne (

Consumers expect personalized experiences. Yet they also grate at attempts by marketers to collect personal data about them to deliver these personalized experiences. That’s a paradox that marketers

‎The Sunday Show: Surveillance and the Future of Tech op Apple Podcasts (

‎Programma The Sunday Show, Afl Surveillance and the Future of Tech - 25 jul. 2021

Facebook Wants You to Connect With God. On Facebook. by By (

The company is intensifying formal partnerships with faith groups across the United States and shaping the future of religious experience.

Future of Work: Beyond Bossware and Job-Killing Robots by Katharine Miller (

To encourage a human-centered workplace, we must rethink AI-driven automation, bossware, labor taxes, and corporate R&D.

Data Brokers are the Problem by Gennie Gebhart and Bennett Cyphers (

Why should you care about data brokers? Reporting this week about a Substack publication outing a priest with location data from Grindr shows once again how easy it is for anyone to take advantage of data brokers’ stores to cause real harm. This is not the first time Grindr has been in the...

How to protect your privacy at a protest by Richie Koch (

Protesters can expose personal information that puts them at risk. Here’s how to keep your identity private and your devices secure at a demonstration.

Avec l’AirTag, votre conjoint peut vous suivre à la trace by Titiou Lecoq (

Des associations de lutte contre les violences conjugales s’inquiètent de ce nouveau gadget Apple, censé à la base permettre de retrouver ses clés.

2021 Budget: Security Agencies budget ₦22.7 Billion on Security Votes by Joshua Olufemi (

A vote against Security Votes, controversial allocation makes a return to an uncertain 2021 budget with only 40% debt financing.

Emmanuel Macron ‘pushes for Israeli inquiry’ into NSO spyware concerns by Bethan McKernan (

French president reportedly spoke to Naftali Bennett to ensure ‘proper investigation’ after Pegasus project

Opinion | Where People With Disabilities Do Best (

Readers react to an essay by David Axelrod about how his daughter has thrived in an institution.

The Master’s Trap, Part Two by Anne Helen Petersen (

The Prestige Grap, The Only Visible Path, The Career Collateral

Citizen pays New Yorkers $25 an hour to livestream crime scenes by View author archive (

Want to make $200 a day in New York City? Rush to the scene of a murder, a three-alarm fire or a traffic accident — then pull out your phone and start shooting. That’s the pitch from Citizen,…

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